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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rebel rebel!

I've been coveting digital SLR cameras all year, and just a couple weeks ago, I was browsing around the Staples website, and saw that they had the one I wanted on sale for SEVENTY DOLLARS cheaper than anywhere else. After a very short chat with myself, I went down to the store and picked it up. I was a proud new owner of a Canon Rebel XS. Yay! (and no, it wasn't because of the new Avril Lavigne commercial)

But today my friends, Staples just made me an even bigger fan. Because they have lowered the price by yet another EIGHTY DOLLARS. Feel free to check out the price and specs here.

I'm passing this information on in case any of you have been thinking about purchasing a DSLR yourself, or if someone you know is interested. Obviously, I'm an amateur photographer, so I'm still learning a lot of the features, etc. But as someone who has been researching this camera for upwards of a year, I think it's a great camera to start taking amazing photos with, and at easily the best price I've ever seen it at.